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Studio Gear

The studio comes with a small selection of gear included in the rental – as well as some to rent – to cover the basics of any shoot. Need other gear, props or backgrounds? Check out these great local rental resources.


Included with Studio Rental

  • Cambo 7’ Studio Stand with Bogen 3047 head
  • Tilt-All Tripod
  • Background stand
  • Small selection of 6′ x 9′ and 10′ x 16′ cloth backdrops
  • 83″ 77″ & 53″ Seamless (see details under “Available for Rent”)
  • 10 (various) studio light stands, 6-8′
  • Large roller/boom stand
  • Bogen 3371 Boom Stand & Manfrotto 3385 lightweight boom
  • Impact KCP-200 grip head and arm
  • 2 mafer clamps
  • 4 foamcore clamps
  • Avenger D700b reflector holder
  • Lighting umbrellas, white gold, silver
  • 5 (various sizes) 5-in-1 reflectors
  • 30×40 foamcore sheets (white and black)
  • Small selection of lighting gels/diffusion
  • 2 full apple boxes
  • Sandbags
  • Harrison changing tent
  • Product/still-life table

Available for Rent

We have a range of lights, backgrounds and support gear available to add to your studio rental. When you are booking your studio time, let us know if you need anything in the comments section, or contact us to indicate your interest.

STUDIO GEAR (in studio only) RENTAL RATE
Strobe Light Kit:
3 Photogenic Studiomax III 320ws monolights kit w/7” reflectors, speedring, sync cords, plus 1 Impact VS160 160ws monolight w/reflector, snoot, speedring, (generic radio triggers available)
$25/half day; $40/full day
Minolta iiif flash meter $10
5 (various sizes) softboxes $5/ea
Tungsten and LED Constant Lights:
Set of 2x Redhead open face tungsten (100-450w)
Set of 2x LED Panels (dimmable) ac/dc
1x Kinex 150w Fiber Optic snake light
$10/half day; $20/full day
$20/half day; $35/full day
$20/half day; $35/full day
53” seamless, super white, black, studio gray, turquoise, green
83” & 77” seamless, white, black, off-white, brown, gray
(We only charge for seamless per-pull if used on the floor)
$5/floor pull
$10/floor pull
VIDEO GEAR (Inquire about on-location use) RENTAL RATE
Dana Dolly Kit $65/day
Seven Jib $50/day
Konova K3 Slider $20/day
Davis & Sanford ProVista 100 (100mm) legs/Manfrotto 502 fluid head $35/day
Manfrotto 3182 legs (75mm)/Bogen 3066 heavy duty fluid head $25/day
Adjustable Hi-hat/legs (100mm) $20/day
2x Lowell DP tungsten kit (500-1000w) $35/day
2x LED Panels kit (ac or 12v w/ 2 NP batts) $35/day